Diploma in Web Technology


Optimally, students will have experience with using computer, typing with any text editor. Or done Computer Fundamentals Course.

Course Outline

      Web designing basics
    • Graphics Fundamentals
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • JavaScript
      Advance web designing
    • CSS Framework (Bootstrap 4)
    • jQuery (JavaScript Library)

    Web development (PHP/ASP.NET-MVC)

    • Basics of PHP
    • MySQL
    • PHP OOPS
    • PHP Web Application
    • Framework (Codeigniter)
    • Framework (Laravel)]
    • Report Generation
    • Overview of Classic ASP
    • Overview of ASP.NET WebForms
    • Introducing to ASP.NET MVC
    • Exploring Controllers
    • Exploring Razor views
    • Understanding Model Binders
    • Annotations and Validations
    • Web Configuration File and Global Application Class
    • State Management Techniques
    • CRUD operations using Entity Framework
    • Authentication and Authorisation
    • RESTful Services using ASP.NET Web API
    Soft Skills
    • Effective Business Communication
    • Interpersonal Communication

Course duration

It is a 12-month* course. Classes are held 1 hours a day/ 5 days a week.(M-F).

Fee Range

Rs 50,000

Job opportunities

HTML5 programmer
PHP programmer
Web Application Developer
Java Programmer
Android application developer

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*Note: Fees & duration may vary based on course & centre location. The fees indicated are exclusive of applicable taxes. For details, contact your nearest TechBricks centre!